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Template Website Development or Custom Website Development – Which is better for your company

Website is the heart of every business. The use of themes has greatly increased in recent years in the web design industry. Using a pre-built template or theme based template for your business website can have its positives, but it is important to explore more about custom web design options and a pre-made website.  If you are serious about your marketing strategy and if your vision is to grow your business then you should have a custom developed website. Generic stock templates may seem like a quick fix. When it comes to website design, your business has two basic choices: template or custom design. But before that consider the below factors first:

Cost: When it comes to short-term cost, templates are the clear winner. Templates are cheap and plentiful while custom websites require significantly more money and time to implement.

Development: When developing a new website, web design templates require less training to use and less time to implement. Custom website design not only requires more time to develop the design but also additional time to teach those using the site how to manipulate and interact with it.

Customization: Determining whether a template or custom design works better for you depends on your business needs. Businesses that require a minimal online presence, such as a static company page and a blog, could save time, money, and resources by using a template rather than a custom design website. If you are interested in a more intensive website with features such as e-commerce which are flourishing in this competitive world or social media links, custom website design is the better choice.

Final Product: Custom website design ensures that your business has a unique website. Template web designs simply cannot offer this customization. Another consideration is that your template may also be used by other companies, including competitors.

So here in this article, we will give you a complete idea about Custom Web Design and Template based design. What do they actually provide respectively?

Template Based Website Design and Development:

Templates are vastly considered to be inferior primarily because they are not unique, they may also show up on other sites, and they may limit customization. A template’s generic look gives your company an unprofessional, unpolished appearance, and is not always friendly when it comes to search engine optimization. There are many attractive themes out there, you just have to be sure the one you choose meets current web standards, is responsive, editable and SEO friendly.

1 – Limited Templates

As you grow your business, you will likely feel the need to expand your website to include more features and more content, and you will outgrow your template very soon. And, trying to customize a template is a very inefficient approach. You can try to hack the code yourself if you think you know how, but you probably have a better use for your valuable time.

2 – Templates may have hidden problems that translate into hidden costs and support may be unreliable.

A template may look sleek and flashy on a demo page, but when you download it you may find that it’s poorly coded and requires additional work to correct problems. You may try to contact template developers, but their response and support are not guaranteed. Be very careful when you send them your website access information. Most of them are not very reliable and trustworthy.

Depending on your specific needs, using a pre-made solution might be the right option for you if you have a very small budget and/or need the website online very quickly. A theme can also be a good option for you if your requirements for your website are simple and uncomplicated. If you need advanced functionality other than simply a few pages of pictures and text, it is much smarter to entertain some custom design and development options.

Webcera we generally suggest several themes to our clients to choose from, so we can be sure we start with a good product from the get-go. Themed websites are great if your budget is lower and the requirement is less complex.

Custom Website Design and Development:

If your branding is intact and you don’t want to compromise on requirements for your website, then a custom website is the way to go. A custom-designed Web site may cost you a little more, but once developed and implemented, you will reap the immense benefits of your most powerful business tool.

1 – Greater Design Control and Build your brand

With custom site design, you can have complete control over the entire page layout. Also, you can design elements such as the header, footer, fonts and colours. Custom website designs are unique; no other company will have a website like yours. As a result, this method is more adaptable to the needs of your company as well as the needs of your current and future clients. These custom designs are also typically HTML and CSS validated, and an experienced web designer will take your future plans for the website into consideration as they choose the appropriate technologies to use while building your site.

Getting a custom website design allows you to work with your branding and corporate identity. It is important to build brand recognition and often a template will limit you on what you can customize to enhance your brand.

2 – Search Engine Friendly (SEO) websites:

When a viewer is looking for a particular product or service, they end up landing on a site based on their search findings. If your website isn’t to search engine friendly, you just won’t be seen. When you develop customize website you don’t just make your site visually appealing, but ensure that it will be an effective marketing tool that reaches your target audience.

Most people who choose to design a website themselves have no idea about the layout, usability, search engine optimization, functionality, design principles, or accessibility. Your website ends up lacking in many fundamental areas that can be crucial to the growth of your business. Even the best and most expensive pre-built templates aren’t built to be most effective for your business. Working with an experienced web design and development team ensures that your website has all the essentials to give you the most effective online presence and the best chance of success. The bottom line is, you get what you pay for.

For most businesses, investing in custom website design will ultimately save money and time. Still, for some businesses with limited needs or for those hoping to later transition to custom design, web design templates offer an attractive and quick alternative. Don’t make an expensive mistake by choosing a free template or do it yourself, builder. If you’re thinking about a new website for your business and aren’t sure what your best options are, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote and see what best we can do for your business! We help businesses select the right business model and marketing strategy. Our comprehensive e-commerce consultancy, technology support, website development and digital marketing services make our clients’ online ventures successful.