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9 Effective Ecommerce Advertising Strategies

Ad Pricing has skyrocketed owing to the large influx of brands and companies fighting for high-quality ad space. Ecommerce Advertising is a major area of concern for most small and big enterprises. There is no ultimate guide for all the bits and pieces of e-commerce marketing. At every step along the way, it is crucial that you sit back and notice the direction that your advertising tactics are taking. It is also essential that you keep looking for new and improved campaigns to increase the number of customers. As competition increases, it is only right that we adapt and improve in bringing out something very different from the rest. The following 9 strategies are guaranteed successes in obtaining more ad clicks, decent traffic and exceeding sales:

  1. Design an automated Email Marketing Campaign:

Email Marketing has long since been an effective influence in Ecommerce Marketing and can never be outdated. Plan an Email campaign that is simple, effective and gives all the right information that will ensure maximum sales. Also, remember to not give up on the first try. Create regular follow-ups and try persuading consumers with each Email. With a fair bit of luck, you will be able to convert your Email campaign into a handful of good consumers.

  1. Visit Forums and use them as an opportunity to market your brand:

Find all forums dedicated to your niche, since they are gold mines to find potential customers for your brand. But don’t go about beating the bandwagon at the first instant. Offer help and answer questions on these forums and then slyly leave a signature link to your website. If you are accepted and appreciated by members, chances are that you will get a decent number of clicks, if not real SEO benefit. On the other hand, if you shout about how great your business is, you might face some serious slack which may mar the reputation of your brand.

  1. List prices:

Listing your price has a major advantage. People who aren’t willing to pay for your product will refrain from clicking on your ad, thus eliminating the need to pay for unwarranted clicks. This strategy works well for high-end products. After all, all consumers care about is cost. So by being up-front about pricing, consumers will know all that they need in just a glance. Potential customers won’t waste a single time in clicking on it. So price listing works both ways. Use simple imagery and appealing colours to attract viewers.

  1. Segregate Ad targets into custom audiences:

Website data and CRM determine consumers who have already shown an inclination to purchase your product. Through the use of Custom Audiences, your Ad will outperform ordinary campaigns by a huge margin. Custom audiences can be further divided based on the type of purchase, size and item frequency. Customization of Ad Creative to personalize ads based on specific target groups increase engagement.

  1. Reform browsing filters:

Modify Ecommerce ads according to individual customers by making use of their browsing history. This method ensures that customers keep coming back for the same product may be until they actually buy it. For E.g., on Amazon, if a person searches for an iPhone, ads will keep showing the iPhone. Also, make sure that you have a neat, well-structured site layout and smooth navigation to retain and build customers.

  1. Advertise each product with unique and professional creative:

The biggest mistake in Ecommerce campaigning is to use cheap creative. Facebook appreciates and rewards smart and engaging campaigns. As mentioned in the previous steps, target specific groups of consumers using Website Custom Audiences. Tailor-made creative will ensure quick and large number of clicks. Most Facebook E-Commerce campaigns are trying to utilize their ad space to usher in an entirely new set of potential audiences along with persuading intending consumers to make a purchase. When it comes to E-Commerce advertising on Facebook, your strategy must be to be smart and creative.

  1. The Content Marketing Strategy:

By creating blogs, videos, photos or infographics that catch the attention of visitors, you can bring traffic to your website. The first thing to do here is to analyse your target audience and determine what attracts them. Accordingly, plan your posts and add links to your product pages at appropriate places. Developing good content requires devoted time and attention. Keep updating your content regularly. Make use of Google Analytics to find out what posts brought in the most traffic or resulted in the most sales and weed out certain types of posts in the future that don’t.

  1. Author and Brand integrity must take top priority:

It is imperative that e-commerce stores create high-quality communities in order to look into serious content marketing. By branding your blog, you can hire a team of top-notch bloggers for putting out professional content. Professional blogs are invaluable for e-commerce stores since they attract customers like moths to a flame. Google Authorship is providing brand recognition to small scale businesses. With the rise of huge competition, it is important that e-commerce will not survive merely by thriving on traditional, anonymous SEO.

  1. Create a discussion area for your customers:

Community building is a great way to develop user-generated content. Create a forum, message board or even a chat area so that customers can share experiences. This is also a good opportunity to receive constructive feedback that will help you develop your store.

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