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14 Common Misconceptions about SEO Marketing

With a rapid expansion of the digital world, e-commerce strategies have gained a lot of prominence in the corporate world. Companies are targeting to secure higher rankings of their website or firm on search engines, thus, ensuring that the customers get noticed about their services.

SEO marketing is best known for creating traffic on your website. They also make certain changes to the algorithms frequently. And this led to the emergence of misconceptions about SEO marketing. At times, the results may not be immediate but SEO marketing is hugely beneficial for entrepreneurs.

Due to the existence of certain misconceptions about SEO, at times, it might have negative and adverse effects on your business. Sometimes, entrepreneurs fail to understand the truth about SEO, thus, leading to mistakes, which could otherwise be avoided.

Now, let’s take a look at a few misconceptions about SEO marketing.

  1. Keywords – Some people believe that SEO is all about using keywords to create traffic. It is true that keywords and links are an important element of SEO but they aren’t the only elements. Sometimes, you can see the content on a page look like spam. This happens due to using one or two keywords in every sentence. Using keyword density, which is used in ranking calculations, is the greatest myth of SEO marketing. You should know how and where to use the keyword, thus, ensuring the creation of unique and interesting content. Always remember that overuse of keywords will annoy your readers.
  2. Links – It is often believed that the more number of backlinks you offer; the more popularity you gain. But it doesn’t. Most of the companies spend a lot of time on link building. But it is better to utilize the time in creating good and unique content rather than searching for sites to place the content. You should note that backlinks of a less popular site is not as effective as that of a notable website.
  3. Lacking SEO value – Another common misconception is that images and videos do not SEO value. But it’s true that you cannot estimate content or look at an image to determine its relevance. You can make the content look effective with the help of an SEO strategy.
  4. Sub-headers – It is believed that to get a top on ranking on Google page, sub-headers do not carry much importance. They do not have any significant value in terms of accessibility, user experience, or meaning. Thus, they do not add much importance to SEO marketing. Though the top header might have some value, it still remains to be limited. You can utilize keywords in your top sub-head if it conveys the message in an appropriate manner.
  5. Google matters – Most of the entrepreneurs believe that Google rankings only matter the most. Undoubtedly, Google is a major factor in SEO. According to experts, Google dominates 67% of the global market. But it’s high time that people should understand that Google is not the only search engine available. Though Bing and Yahoo are not much popular, they should not be neglected. Bing should be considered by businessmen for SEO marketing. Most of the entrepreneurs in the United States use Bing for their SEO purpose. In 2012, Bing became the search engine to power all the Yahoo searches.
  6. Social Media – Many believe that social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc will help to increase your ranking. But that’s not the case. People should accept the fact that social media never guarantees a higher ranking. But, posting the link of your website on social media can bring in a lot of traffic.
  7. Website Design – Another popular misconception about SEO marketing is that the design of your website is meaningless. Design is usually powerful for two reasons. Firstly, the design of each page will rank better with search engine optimizations. Secondly, including highly defined templates such as Word Press will appeal to the audience and bring in more customers.
  8. Importance of Time – Though digital marketing has expanded, most of the businessmen are still unaware of SEO marketing. Few of the entrepreneurs feel lazy to take up education about SEO. Do you have time for Facebook or any other social networking, then why not learning SEO? All it requires is a laptop, internet connection, a cup of coffee and free time.
  9. Usage of Adwords – Life does not guarantee everything. Most of the businessmen across the globe believe that Adwords can bring in a lot of traffic and bring their website on top position. Using Adwords can give a positive outlook to your campaign but it may not offer you with 100% success.
  10. Startups – Most of the startup firms believe that they might not require SEO marketing. But the truth is that SEO marketing is beneficial for all the startups. All the newly entered businessmen should learn SEO and apply it in their business, in order to bring in heavy traffic.
  11. Death of SEO – Most of the entrepreneurs believe that SEO is dead in today’s world. But that’s not the case. Today, SEO marketing has become an essential part of a content marketing campaign. SEO marketing is considered to be important as it brings a lot of traffic and also focuses on optimizing the results on the search engine.
  12. Done once – Businessmen usually believe that once their website has gained a top ranking, it remains there forever. But that’s absolutely false. SEO marketing is a process which is never ended. It is an ongoing process. If your website is listed on the top in the search engine, remember, it does not remain there forever. You need to work on it consistently to maintain that position.
  13. Can’t start now – It is never too late to start or enhance the SEO marketing of your firm. You can start an effective SEO strategy at any time. The only thing required is to conduct some research, create a plan and finally implementation of the plan.
  14. Paid search – One of the biggest misconceptions of SEO marketing is that you have to spend a huge amount on SEO to increase the traffic of your website. Basically, SEO marketing is inexpensive.

Always remember that the world of search engines and the face of SEO marketing keeps changing every day. Thus, you should plan your strategies accordingly. We will help you to strategies your Digital Marketing plan to achieve greater success in your products and services.